The Company

The decade of 1990 is one great promise and of great uncertainty‚Ķbig   opportunities lies before us.  PHILIPPINE ENVIRONMENTAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS AND SERVICES INC.  (PETSS Inc.) was born  in  a  perfect  situation  where  marketing  opportunity  in  the  country  becomes  an  attractive  arena  for  the  company  to  enjoy  a  competitive  advantage.

PETSS Inc.  was conceived  with  the  idea  to  form  a  company  that  would  be  a  partner  of  the  industry  in  a  well-mannered  business  relationship.  The key is to achieve the goal of determining the needs and the wants of the market and deliver the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than the competitors.  Our aim goes beyond satisfying the customers but also to delight them with regards to the effectiveness, cost and quality of our products and services.  Building the trust and confidence will be the key to a more mutual and fruitful understanding between PETSS, our customers and suppliers.

With the world gearing towards environmental awareness, PETSS concentrates on offering our customers engineering, insulation, instrumentation and industrial products that are environmentally friendly, passing the highest form of quality satisfaction and back this up with well trained sales people and highly skilled technical men.

Although it is new, the combined experience of the people behind PETSS is a hundred years of expertise in the field of professional marketing and engineering.   PETSS adopts the Japanese idea of pursuing higher market shares and worry about profits later.

We are focusing our market strategy to our target segment through the following bold points:

  •     Be aware of the latest technology that might affect the business and the stand of the company.
  •     To develop and train sales people that would understand the products thus, capable of educating the customers.
  •     The idea is not to sell the products per se but the solutions and benefits to the customers.
  •     To centralize  the  importance  of  dedicating  the  business  to  sense, serve and satisfy our customers.
  •     To  have  the  necessary  competency  to  evaluate  strength
  •     and weaknesses.  Embarking to a more dimensional approach.
  •     To succeed in tapping new business opportunity.To  have  an  ideal  business  where  major  opportunities  are  high and major threats  are  low.

The PETSS team invites every opportunity that lies ahead of us and would want to offer our hand to anybody willing to become our integral part.                     

These we hold into.